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What's It About?

The Best of you are those who learn the Quran and Teach it to Others.

"LearnQuranKids Academy has a long history of its services all over the world. Our main goal is to make the teachings of the Quran worldwide. To pursue this goal, LearnQuranKids online Academy, tries its best to justify its services in this sacred profession. We deal with all individuals regardless of age and gender. Female and male teachers of our online Quran Academy are expert enough to make you fluent in Quran Reading with perfect pronunciation.

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Why LearnQuranKids for Online Quran Learning?

They're all professional in knowledge and enthusiastic about the course.

There are various reasons to give a chance to LearnQuranKids academy.

Qualified staff

LearnQuranKids academy has a special procedure to recruit a teacher for the student. Therefore, all the staff is qualified and meet all international standards. I hope, you will never get such a highly qualified staff in other academies.

Experienced Teachers

As we have mentioned earlier the LearnQuranKids academy has been rendering its services for years. Therefore, the teachers of LearnQuarnKids academy experience and know it well how to teach the students without getting them bored. Aside from experience, we provide regular training to our teachers in which modern techniques of teachings have been taught.

Flexible Schedule

The timings of LearnQuranKids are flexible. Just send us a message on Facebook, WhatsApp, or Skype. In addition, you can send us a mail. We will reply to you as soon as possible. After the discussion, we will finalize the online Quran class timings and start the lessons.

Our Course

The staff of LearnQuranKids academy has divided the course in such a way that a student will never find any difficulty to learn Quran online. In this way, LearnQuranKids academy make this journey easy.


The Best of you are those who learn the Quran and Teach it to Others


We start this journey of the Quran Learning with Noorani Qaida and complete this sacred task without putting a burden on our students.


you can learn Quran word by word on Skype at our online academy. Our qualified and expert teachers are available to sort out your Quranic Problems around the clock.


t would be a great opportunity for Non-Arabs to learn and recite the Quran with fluency like Arabs. In the next discussion, you will discover more about Tajweed.


how much Quran Memorization will be a great job. Allah has made promised times and again for those who memorized the Quran for Allah.


We have a staff of qualified staff of female and male teachers. So, anyone can join our Tafseer ul Quran course regardless of age and gender.


If you learned the Quran Recitation, learning Quran with translation would be the next step to show your eagerness towards seeking knowledge.

Something About LearnQuranKids Academy

So many academic goals that we expect you to achieve.


Learn Quran Online is no longer a problem in this technologically advanced era. The days were gone when people used to travel hundreds of Kilometers to learn the great lessons of the Quran and Ahadith. Thanks to the technology which makes the Quran learning super easy for people all around the world. Nowadays, one need not go to anywhere for Quran Learning. Your comfortable room is enough to learn the Quran.

To facilitate you around in the journey of Learning Quran online, LearnQuranKids has been rendering its service for years. With our amicable staff, the journey of Quran learning can become more than enjoyment and your kids can learn this pious message of Almighty Allah without getting bored.

The golden principles of the Quran should be reached to every person in the world. It is not only good for his worldly life but beneficial for life after death. Initially, it seems a dream that cannot be changed into reality, however, with the Grace of Almighty Allah and our hard work, we have worked enough in this field. Now we have a large number of happy students who can be called good Muslims in actual meaning.

A Bird’s eye view on Background of LearnQuranKids

LearnQuranKids academy is not a newly established academy. It has been delivering its service for the last 10 years. Back in 2010, the founder of the LearnQuranKids academy (Muhammad Amjad) laid the foundation of it. And starts to learn Quran kids. After that, Mr. Amjad started to build his team to serve in this field in a better way. Over time, LearnQuranKids academy built a staff of hard-working, punctual and friendly teachers. The teachers of LearnQuranKids are second to none in their qualities.

Why Online Quran Classes?

Physical teaching classes are difficult to arrange in today’s era. That’s why Quran online classes give the best alternate. Moreover, there are some extra benefits of Online Quran Classes.

  • Quran Online Classes are more secure
  • These classes provide comfortable Environment
  • Male and Female teachers on the desire of Student
  • Complete Check and Balance by Parents
  • With Online Quran Classes, a student can attend class anywhere

What Students Say

How real people said about this course.




“ Highly recommend them. Very professional, structured and organized and accommodating to needs. The quality of teachers and structure cannot be compared.  ”


Ahmed Bin Javed


“ I have been really impressed by the quality of teaching and customer service. The classes are well structured, the teacher is patient and my kids are learning. All at a very reasonable price. ”


Ziad Ahmed


“Best experience Allhamdullilah ♥️ highly recommend”


Kousar Parveen


“That’s what I was looking for my kids to keep them in touch with their Religion, Culture, Mother Language and Islam behavior… Jazakum Allah Khayra for this Site and special Thanks to teacher Alaa.”

Frequently Asked Questions

In the following sections, we will answer to the queries which are asked frequently who want to join our courses. Let’s start

Who can join our courses?

Most of the people asked if they can join the course or not? We have a simple criterion to get a student enrolled in our class. If you are more than 5 years old and less than 70 years, you can be enrolled in the class.

Moreover, a male, a female, a kid, a job holder, a business, or a housewife can join our online classes. Class timings will be finalized according to your free time. You will have to just attend the class with great zeal.

How to get enrolled in the class?

Whenever you make your mind to learn Quran online, just send us a message on Facebook, Whatsapp, or Skype. You can also send us a mail on the given email address. We will reply fast and get the class started after discussion.

What I Need to Join the Class

To join our online class course, you just need a good internet connection, a laptop/ computer with cam, and a Skype account.

The most important factor that is a must-have is your interest. We will try our best to keep your interest high. However, you must also try to show interest in this long journey.

3 days free Class Trails

Before joining the class regularly, we advise you to attend 3 days free class trail. On Skype classes, we will try to deliver our best. If you feel satisfaction, go ahead. Otherwise, the decision is yours.

In which countries we learn Quran Online?

Generally, we are rendering our services in all over the world. However, the majority of our students live in the UK, the USA, and Australia. So, if you want to Learn Quran online in UK, it will be the golden opportunity for you to get enrolled and start your learning Quran Online.

Learn Quran Online UK

In the UK, finding a Quranic tutor is a hard nut to crack. Therefore, LeanrQuranKids academy started its service in the UK first. Now, our brother and sister in the UK can learn to find the best teachers without wasting more time on LearnQuranKids. Just message us on Facebook, Whatsapp, or Skype. We will reply to you as soon as possible.