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Quran with Tajweed

Allah- Our Creator- likes the most to read the Quran in a more rhythmic way. Proper guidance and diligent practice can prepare you for a rhythmic recitation. Being a Muslim, you should learn the rules of Tajweed to make your recitation fluent and patterned. LearnQuranKids might be the best platform to learn Quran with Tajweed. It would be a great opportunity for Non-Arabs to learn and recite the Quran with fluency like Arabs. In the next discussion, you will discover more about Tajweed.

Why Learn Quran with Tajweed

It is a common rule, beautiful voices with patterned recitation mesmerized people most. Aside from people, Allah likes the rhythmic recitation of the Quran. Allah says in the Quran;
“Recite the Holy Quran slowly and making the letters clear”
Having read the translation of Ayah, the importance of learning the Quran with Tajweed has revealed to you. Besides this Ayah, there are several Ahadith which are describing how much rhythmic recitation of the Quran is important for us.

Our Teaching Methodology

To make this noble deed more effective, we have trained and certified teachers that will make your recitation attractive. Our teaching Methodology for learning Quran with Tajweed has the following characteristics.

Simple in Teaching

To present friendly-Environment in the class, we always try to make our teaching methods simple and understandable for students. The teachers of LearnQuranKids always try to make the students understand in an easy language so that they can pick the actual message of teaching.


The next attribute that leads to our student towards perfect Qari is Revisions. If you have registered in our class then you are to revise the Quranic Lesson times and again. After getting up to mark satisfaction, we will move forward.

Mistakes-Free Recitation

In the revisions, you will learn different rules of Tajweed, so there are fewer chances to make mistakes while reciting the Holy Book. Moreover, our teachers point out your mistakes in recitation to make your recitation more accurate.

Understanding of Rules

Without proper guidance, understanding of rules is a hard cookie. It admits of no doubt that you can read and speak Arabic language without proper rules, however, reciting the Quran without Tajweed increases the chances of making errors. So, we focus on the rules of tajweed in our course.

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